Request for Qualifications for Landscape Architectural Services Three Rivers Community Development District Nassau County, Fl

Request for Qualifications for

Landscape Architectural Services

Three Rivers Community Development District

Nassau County, Florida

The Three Rivers Community Development District (“District”), pursuant to

Section 287.055, Florida Statutes (the Consultant’s Competitive Negotiation Act

(“CCNA”)), seeks qualification statements from landscape architectural firms or

individuals (“Applicant(s)”) for continuing professional landscape architectural

services which may include, but are not limited to, landscape architecture design,

hardscape design, irrigation design and construction observation, among other

related services.

Any Applicant desiring to provide professional services to the District must: 1)

hold applicable federal, state and local licenses; 2) be authorized to do business in

Florida in accordance with Florida law; and 3) furnish a statement (“Qualification

Statement”) of its qualifications and past experience on U.S. General Service

Administration’s “Architect-Engineer Qualifications, Standard Form No. 330,” with

pertinent supporting data. Among other things, Applicants must submit information

relating to: a) the ability and adequacy of the Applicant’s professional personnel; b)

whether the Applicant is a certified minority business enterprise; c) the Applicant’s

willingness to meet time and budget requirements; d) the Applicant’s past experience

and performance, including but not limited to past experience for any community

development districts, past experience with Nassau County and past experience

performing the type of work desired by the District; e) the geographic location of

the Applicant’s headquarters and offices; f) the current and projected workloads of

the Applicant; and g) the volume of work previously awarded to the Applicant by the

District. Further, each Applicant must identify the specific individual affiliated with

the Applicant who would be handling District meetings, as needed, design services,

construction services, and landscape architecture tasks.

The District will review all Applicants and will comply with Florida law, including

the CCNA. All applicants interested must submit five (5) copies and one (1)

electronic PDF copy on compact disc or USB flash drive of Standard Form No. 330

and Qualification Statement by 12:00 p.m. on December 11, 2019 to the attention

of James Perry, District Manager, Three Rivers Community Development District,

475 West Town Place, Suite 114, St. Augustine, Florida 32092,

(“District Manager’s Office”).

The Board shall select and rank the Applicants using the requirements set forth

in the CCNA and the highest ranked Applicant(s) will be requested to enter into

contract negotiations. If an agreement cannot be reached between the District and

the highest ranked Applicant, negotiations will cease and begin with the next highest

ranked Applicant, and if these negotiations are unsuccessful, will continue to the

third highest ranked Applicant.

The District reserves the right to reject any and all Qualification Statements.

Additionally, there is no express or implied obligation for the District to reimburse

Applicants for any expenses associated with the preparation and submittal of the

Qualification Statements in response to this request.

Any protest regarding the terms of this Notice, or the evaluation criteria on file

with the District Manager, must be filed in writing, within seventy-two (72) hours

(excluding weekends) after the publication of this Notice. The formal protest setting

forth with particularity the facts and law upon which the protest is based shall be filed

within seven (7) calendar days after the initial notice of protest was filed. Failure to

timely file a notice of protest or failure to timely file a formal written protest shall

constitute a waiver of any right to object or protest with respect to aforesaid Notice

or evaluation criteria provisions. Any person who files a notice of protest shall provide

to the District, simultaneous with the filing of the notice, a protest bond with a

responsible surety to be approved by the District and in the amount of One Thousand

Dollars ($1,000.00).

James Perry

District Manager

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