• Spencer Lodree

State dismisses charges against former FBHS principal Lodree

Spencer Lodree, the former Fernandina Beach High School principal who resigned after officials discovered he had stolen money from the proceeds of a basketball game, had all charges against him dismissed last month as part of a pre-trial intervention program, according to court records.

Lodree gave up his job in February of last year, and Nassau County Superintendent Dr. Kathy Burns said at the time she “was not interested in pursuing criminal charges against Dr. Lodree.”

Several months later, the State Attorney’s Office did subsequently charge Lodree for the $1,300 theft. The ex-principal said in an interview with police that he took the money to pay for his daughter’s college tuition.

According to the State Attorney’s Office website, “Pre-trial Intervention Programs are primarily designed for first-time adult offenders who meet specific criteria. Participants sign a deferred prosecution agreement with specified requirements. Requirements could include completing community service hours, paying restitution, and/or participating in counseling. The offender’s progress is monitored throughout the duration of the program. Upon successful completion of the program, charges are dismissed. Failure to complete the conditions required in the program contract results in prosecutorial review and appropriate legal action.”

None of the conditions of Lodree’s pre-trial intervention agreement are available in court records.

“This office is taking no further action, including any civil charges that were handled through the diversion program, and closing our file and dismissing all charges in this case,” L.E. Hutton, assistant state attorney, wrote in a disposition notice filed in December.


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