FB police still seeking leads in dog attack

A woman who reported she was attacked by two dogs and bitten on Oct. 27 in Fernandina Beach is seeking information about the owner and whether the animals have current rabies vaccinations.

According to the victim, Celia Cart, and a report of the incident filed with the Fernandina Beach Police Department, Cart and her husband were walking their 14-year-old border collie, Callie, near Beach Access 28, across from the intersection of North Casino and South Fletcher avenues, around 3 p.m. last Friday.

“We were walking the beach from (the) Seaside Park area to the pier and back like we do almost daily. We were about halfway back and walking down by (the) waters edge when the unthinkable happened,” wrote Cart in an email to the News-Leader.

“Two young brown pit bulls dashed down from the soft sand at breakneck speed and attacked our poor dog who is practically deaf and has cloudy eyes. It was a full out assault, and we were terrified for our lives. We fought them off with a plastic leash and a plastic portable dog water dispenser. We were thrashing around in the surf, screaming and beating at the maniacal pair of pits. My husband shielded Callie.

“I remember losing my balance and simultaneously having my right forearm slashed open. The pits were on their leashes but not attached to the woman. She finally regained control. She saw the whole thing. I was in mild state of shock. We watched her retreat back up the sand. I asked for her name. She continued walking away rapidly via beach access #28. She wouldn’t answer me. It felt like a hit and run. Rabies in humans is usually fatal. I was treated in ER while my husband took our dog to the vet to be checked out and filed a police report,” Cart wrote in her email.

Cart was advised by emergency room personnel that she would need to undergo a series of shots as a precaution against rabies, under the circumstances.

The woman who was with the dogs had not been identified as of Thursday’s press deadline. She is described as middle-aged with short dark hair. The dogs were reported to be trailing red leashes.

“These animals are armed and dangerous. I hope they are found before they attack again,” added Cart in her email.

Nassau County and city of Fernandina Beach shores are open to dogs under the condition they remain on a leash at all times.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or knows the identity of the dogs or the woman with them is encouraged to call the Fernandina Beach Police Department at 277-7342.


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