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    A ramp missing pieces was closed at the Fernandina Beach skate park. Julia Roberts/News-Leader

Date for skate park repair is unclear

The city of Fernandina Beach has closed a ramp at the city’s skate park located at Main Beach and is working to get the ramp repaired, although no date has been set for those repairs to be completed. 

The ramp was closed after a piece of material from the ramp was found to be missing, making it dangerous for use. City maintenance staff cannot make the repair. Streets and Parks Maintenance Director Rex Lester is working to find a contractor to make the repair instead.

Kenny Pinson of Fernandina Beach is the father of Poe Pinson, who skates competitively and placed second in November in the Pro Street Division at Exposure Skate 2018 in Encinitas, Calif. Pinson said his daughter and other local skaters are “deflated and discouraged” about the ramp’s closure.

“Since the half-pipe is closed, the park arena has been condensed, and on crowded days, the flow is very congested,” he said. “Her skating routine is encumbered with the half-pipe out of commission because the whole park has been reduced, especially as skaters and scooters compete for space.”

Lester said the enclosed ramp – the only one in the skate park that is closed – has been the location of vandals, who took a picnic table from Main Beach park, put it inside the fence surrounding the closed ramp, and destroyed it. 

Lester suggested people ignoring Keep Out signs on the fence surrounding the enclosure should be arrested in order to stem the amount of trespassing until the ramp is reopened.


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