Deputy kills man in Callahan

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Amanda Ream / Community Newspapers Inc.

A second officer-involved fatality in less than two weeks occurred Friday.

This time, the person shot was a man allegedly wielding a knife during a domestic dispute in Callahan. According to information released by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, Justin Dawley had threatened his brother multiple times in the past and was again threatening him around noon at 56105 Nassau Oaks Drive.

Deputies responded to the home after they were advised an armed man was threatening to harm another man within the home.

Nassau County Undersheriff Roy Henderson commented on the incident: “This is not what you want to have happen, but it’s just in the nature of the what we do. We typically respond to calls and you don’t know what’s going to happen each time you respond.”

NCSO says Dawley was inside a room of the home and allegedly lunged at a deputy who entered the room, resulting in the deputy shooting Dawley. According to the NCSO, Dawley was armed with a knife at the time.

Henderson said it is not the first time that deputies have visited the home for domestic issues. Dawley had also been arrested previously, including a December arrest for battery on a firefighter and resisting arrest without violence and an April 2018 arrest for uttering a forged or counterfeit bill and theft.

The deputy who shot Dawley was placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the incident.

On Oct. 6, another deputy shot and killed a Hilliard woman allegedly threatening to commit suicide and to shoot others at her father’s home.

During that incident, Crystal McClinton, 48, was allegedly armed with an AR-15 and had pointed it at deputies several times before specifically identifying a deputy in the woods and allegedly saying she would shoot him and raising her gun. The deputy fired a single shot in response and was placed on administrative leave during the FDLE’s investigation.