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My magic blue chair

I didn’t know the chair was magic when I bought it, and it certainly wasn’t blue. Since I am only 5’2,” I imagine my primary criterion all those years ago was that my feet would be able to touch the ground when I sat in it. I brought it home and plopped it into place so it could begin its long career of service.

It soon proved to be a wonderful platform for an extended bout of reading or TV watching. I had long ago discovered that most housework requires me to stand, and my new chair immediately began providing my poor, tired legs with a good rest. I quickly surrounded myself with appropriate accoutrements – my lap desk provides a great platform for heavy hardback books, note writing, and for small electronic devices. The chair quickly became my second workstation, and I could now spend my time in its embrace being productive instead of imitating a vegetable. I wouldn’t say it’s leading a hard life, but rather one that is busy with providing me a comfortable haven and command post.

As you can imagine, several puppy dogs and I eventually wore out the original upholstery. By the time I was ready to do something about it, I had fallen out of love with the light-colored covering. This time around, my main criterion was a color that would not show dirt and my spotty (no pun intended) record of cleaning the place where dogs lean to be rubbed and patted and talked to. It remains one of Ace-the-wonder-dog’s go-to spots when the frequent Florida “ka-booms” strike.

I forgot to mention that when I had it recovered, I also had a matching ottoman made so that my chair would now offer recliner-like qualities without actually being a recliner. I have nothing against recliners, mind you, but most of them are too modern and too massive for our living room. My decorating tastes run more to Colonial Williamsburg and old country farmhouse, rather than Spanish Florida, Victorian, or Ikea. No chrome and glass for this girl. My dark blue wing chair and ottoman fit right in, thank you.

Not surprisingly, an interesting variety of life experiences have occurred during the long years I’ve owned this chair. Both important and not-so-important family events, as well as a varied assortment of ailments and injuries, have found refuge in this chair. An added, unintended benefit is that the dark upholstery does not show tears or blood.

I have also discovered that it accommodates an infinite number of contortions in order to deliver a comfortable snooze. Yes, I admit it. I am one of those people who can sleep sitting up. Or slumped over. Or contorted into a pretzel. A 10-minute snooze in that chair, and I’m ready to conquer the world; well, at least form coherent sentences during dinner.

Somewhere along the way, my chair took on a magical quality. I didn’t realize it until my latest medical adventure: no matter how sick or unhappy or pain-filled I am, I always feel better in this chair. My coughing subsides, and sometimes even vanishes altogether. Various aches and pains disappear, and I can finally sink into a blissful snooze.

I finally screwed up my courage a month or so ago and asked Dr. Manthe to install a new left hip for me. She did the procedure under the auspices of Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute right here at Baptist Nassau, and then I went down to Jacksonville for two weeks of rehab. I quickly graduated from being pushed around in a wheelchair to a walker, and then finally a cane. When my Adult Supervision brought me home that Sunday afternoon, I was semi-ambulatory and ever so grateful to be back in Paradise.

I subsided into my blue chair with a heartfelt sigh. It seemed to know that my hip was tired and cranky after the drive, so it kicked into high gear. As the discomfort subsided, epiphany struck. I finally realized that this overworked, rather nondescript blue chair has a magical, healing quality about it. It has worked on bronchitis, several colds, and a bout or two of flu. And now it offers a comfortable cradle for my body as it adjusts to its new accessory.

Thanks in large part to the kind ministrations of Dr. Manthe, and also to the magical qualities of my blue chair, I will once again be running and playing with all of the other little boys and girls. Try to keep up!


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