Safety tips for potentially icy roadways

The Florida Highway Patrol will be monitoring roadways and bridges in 12-hour shifts. If motorists observe any roadway problems or need assistance, they should dial *FHP(347).

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the Florida Highway Patrol have released these safe driving tips for wet and potentially icy road conditions through Friday:

Ÿ Stay put. Avoid driving, if at all possible. The safest place to be is off the roads.

Ÿ Slow down. When roads are icy, vehicles don’t have the traction required to stop quickly.

Ÿ Stay alert. When the temperature is near freezing, the roadway may look wet when in fact ice is forming.

Ÿ Check tire pressure. As temperatures drop, so can your tire pressure. Low tire pressure does not give tires better traction in icy conditions, it only makes them more vulnerable to damage.

Ÿ Remember that bridges and overpasses are more prone to freezing in these types of conditions and will ice over first. Proceed with caution when driving in these areas.

Ÿ Do not attempt to pass slower vehicles.

Ÿ Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

Ÿ Gently apply brakes and accelerate at a slow speed.

Ÿ Be patient and courteous. Driving in adverse weather conditions can be stressful.

Ÿ Florida does not allow tire chains. Only tires with rubber studs designed to improve traction are permitted on public roadways.


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