EOC continues to offer updates on aftermath

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the Nassau County Emergency Operations Center continued to offer updates. As of Tuesday afternoon, David Richardson, the public information officer for Nassau County Emergency Management, said that two of the five public emergency shelters remained open but continued to depopulate:

Hilliard Elementary School – 26 residents remain;

Hilliard Middle-Senior High School – 62 remain.

Emergency management officials are working to open a transition shelter for those that still need temporary housing. The News-Leader will publish more information when it is available.

Beginning at 3 p.m. today, the Nassau County Emergency Operations Center will provide free water for residents at the Callahan Fairgrounds. A point of distribution will be set up. County officials have terminated the order for a curfew.

Schools will remain closed today, a decision will be made shortly after 5 p.m. if schools will reopen on Thursday, Sept. 14. Power will be the determining factor.

Power outages continue in Nassau County, particularly on Amelia Island.

As of 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, Florida Power and Light reported that 11,520 of its customers throughout the county remain without power, mostly west of the intracoastal waterway. FPL has made significant progress in restoring power to parts of the county west of the ICW. While 11,000 customers remain without access to electrical power, FPL has reduced outage numbers from more than 20,000 to almost half that. FPL hopes to continue a rapid restoration in Nassau County for the rest of this week.

Okefenokee Power also reported a downed transmission line impacting more than 5,000 customers.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper reported several rescues that took place around the county, with some occurring in the mandatory evacuation zones, where some residents decided to stay and ride out the storm. In one case, a boat captain ran out of fuel and, in another, a woman who had came close to running out of oxygen was rescued in a NCSO boat. Water was rising up to her door when she was rescued. In a third case, a sheriff’s deputy cuts trees off the road to create a drivable passageway.

The following roads remained closed in Nassau County due to flooding and downed trees:

Pages Dairy Road at Lofton Creek Bridge – flooding

Conner Cutoff Road at Dog Gone Trail – impassable or barricaded

Seymore Point Road – downed tree

Cortez Road – flooding

Davis Road – flooding

Middle Road at Haddock/Crawford – downed tree

Kings Ferry and Dahoma – downed tree

Kings Ferry Bridge – downed tree

453322 Old Dixie Highway – downed tree

Pages Dairy Road and Ezell Lane – downed tree

1900 Clinch Drive – downed tree

North 17th Street and Atlantic Avenue – downed tree

South 14th Street and Amelia Parkway – downed tree

Blackrock Road and Green Pine Road – downed tree

Amelia Island Parkway and Fletcher Avenue – downed tree

First Coast Highway and Scott Road – downed tree

96050 Marsh Lakes Drive – downed tree

Lem Turner Road and Fifth Avenue – downed tree

3610 Via Del Mar – downed tree

Orange Street from Alma to Fourth Street – downed tree

Petree Road – downed tree or power line.

A frequent problem after a disaster is “fly-by-night’ contractors who take deposits before starting work or who take final payment before finishing a job. Service scams all have the same target: your wallet.

Be cautious of repair businesses or individuals who:

• Solicit door-to-door;

• Arrive in unmarked vehicles;

• Have a post office box or temporary address;

• Claim they are from another county or state and are in the area solely to help disaster victims; or

• Claim that they were doing work in the area and noticed that your home or business needed repair.

Donna Thurston, chief prosecutor for the State Attorney’s office, has promised to prosecute to the fullest extent anyone involved in property or personal crimes and anyone involved in fraudulent business practices or scams.


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