Rayonier Advanced Materials mill will be making unusual noises on Tuesday

Testing new equipment means blowing off some steam


On Tuesday, Oct. 4, Rayonier Advanced Material’s Fernandina Plant will conduct a series of steam blows to ensure the safety and reliability of new equipment installed on the company’s power boiler during the plant’s annual shutdown, according to RYAM spokesman Russell Schweiss.

Recognizing that the steam blows will produce an unusual sound coming from the plant, RYAM feels it is important to inform the public about the maintenance task that is occurring. The process involves pressurizing the equipment with steam and then venting that steam to release the pressure. 

The process is expected to require five to seven steam blows, which will take place the hours of 8 am and 6 pm. The blows will emit a low frequency sound for a period of about three to six minutes. 

The process is designed to remove any welding debris left within the piping system from the installation. By removing this debris, the company can ensure that the boiler operates reliably upon the completion of the annual shutdown. 


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